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Mike Ferrer


  • I chose the Sub Pro 10s because it was the best choice to complete my pair of Prodipe Pro8s. This sub has a large reserve of power, an adjustable cross-over with a "sweet spot" at 80Hz, a 0/180 ° phase switch, RCA I / O, 6.35 Jack, XLR.

    So to put it simply, if you want bass, you will be served. This stuff sends sub-bass, do you want some here. I have to keep the volume at an extremely low level constantly so as not to drive the neighbors crazy. The 60 to 100Hz causes earthquakes, and a test at 40Hz is very conclusive ... It sends very low, without fear. The attack is very fast and the punch is present. At 40Hz, obviously a little slower attack put the rumble is devastating.

    Now I admit that my ears are convinced of the quality of this product, so anything between 30 and 40Hz you can dig into your mix.

    This sub is perfect ....

    Indeed, if it delivers the infra-bass without batting an eyelid, it is clear that the rendering precision is impeccable. The bass bangs or vibrates, of course, the sound is very precise. And the more we go down the more we enjoy.

    Make no mistake: this is obviously not a 'car subwoofer' that sends out saturated and ugly boom boom. No, of course, this is musical material, quality studio, let it be known; we have a musical rendering and the sub dramatically increases the sound rendering of a simple pair of Prodipe monitors. That said, I don't think you will find a better subwoofer, all criteria combined, at this price. The 10 "woofer is robust and will last for many years.

    For your mixes, it fulfills its function of subwoofer wonderfully, especially if you are in the production of electronic music, the sub allows to balance - and often to decrease - your low frequency levels in your mixes. Often a sub helps to realize that we put too much bass, and to fulfill this function, the Sub Pro10S does it wonderfully.


At the same time DJ, composer, producer, arranger, remixer, Mike Ferrer ignites all the dancefloors. He is also the founder of four prestigious house labels, CONSTELLATION MUSIC RECORDING, APEX RECORDS, FA RECORDS, KING OF HOUSE RECORDS.

Mike Ferrer has been rocked in a musical universe from a young age: he's a rather discreet character.

He studied in Paris at the CNSM (Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique) and in the United States at the AMI (American Music Institute) from where he graduated major.

On his return to France Mike Ferrer moved to Lyon where he became a resident DJ in one of the most prominent clubs in Lyon, where he demonstrated his artistic abilities and was noticed by the greatest.

It was from there that it began to be exported to the most trendy clubs in Europe: the Pulp in Montpellier, the Box in Rome ...

Behind the decks, he makes the difference with his punchy style. Respected by the Deep House community for his professionalism and open-mindedness, he has become one of the major representatives of a new generation of Dj's in France for Deep House and Progressive House.

More and more appreciated and requested by the public, it preferably broadcasts powerful and dancefloor music, based on an irreproachable mixing technique.

In 2011 Mike Ferrer became the protégé of Dennis Ferrer.

Mike Ferrer has released 3 albums including 2 gold records and 17 singles including 1 platinum record. 3 will be gold and 2 silver discs.

September 2013: on the prestigious label Constellation Music Recording, Mike Ferrer released his first electro album "First Contact"

Artist at heart, composer, arranger, remixer, of electronic music for various labels such as Universal and several audiovisual production companies.

He composed many titles (around more than 100) for artists on the international scene.