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Drummer of the group Little Bob, he is the pulse of the group with a powerful, precise and nuanced beat. His playing supports Bob's music and voice wonderfully.

It all started around the large port in northern France. A greyish, windswept hole called Le Havre.

Both visually and at the level of the spirit which reigns there, Le Havre is in France what comes closest to Liverpool, Detroit or Newark (New Jersey) with its lot of oil tankers, refineries, chemical factories or automobiles, warehouses, dockworkers etc ...

This is where LITTLE BOB comes from, and for those for whom these things matter, know that the history of LITTLE BOB is peppered with all the good ingredients of Rock 'N'Roll.

BOB knows more than anyone when it comes to streets and slums.

He's been in the niche for a while, playing in the most secluded places, blazing a trail as he crisscrossed the country, tirelessly spinning as if his life depended on it.

Everywhere in Europe and especially in Great Britain (more than 300 concerts), attracting to its most intractable performances of critical rocks who split rave reviews on the "howler of a meter sixty no more" and his "Heavy R ' n'B "white. Or maybe it was "Hard Core Garage Pub Rock"? The Brittany weeklies "New Musical Express", "Sound" and "Melody Maker" went so far as to nickname him the French "MC5" or "Dr Feelgood".

LITTLE BOB is one of the pioneers of French Rock, obviously not to be confused with French Rock EN. Indeed, to this day, Bob still sings in English, and this since the time when the simple fact of expressing himself was at least a guarantee of quality, distinction and swing compared to the French variety. Not that Bob does not like Voltaire's language, but he considers, as an esthete of the music he loves, that it is better this way!

LITTLE BOB devotes a true cult to the way of singing "vocalists" of Rock and Blues, from Little Richard to Howling Wolf or Eric Burdon, whom he has today joined in the circle of the great and, for him, bawl in English still represents a bias, a deliberate pact, a deep revolt against the laws of "Show Biz" and the "quotas" of the audiovisual media. He obviously knows that this prevents him from reaching and being followed by a larger audience.

With his voice that howls at the stars he sings Rock and Blues which lift our skin and torment our senses.

The essential is there: one of the most beautiful voices of Rock that balances poignant and moving ballads like no one else, throbbing Blues and torrid Rocks.

Over time his Rock has evolved into deeper, more basic music, closer to the roots, certainly less speed and less "noisy", but still just as powerful and bewitching.

Like a Bruce Springsteen or a Neil Young, LITTLE BOB puts into practice a "certain idea" of Rock'n'Roll, he has this magical ingredient that makes the difference in the hearts of his fans: innocence , the fervor, ingenuity and power of raw emotion.

LITTLE BOB will always find spontaneous admirers all over the world. Every concert and new record of Little Bob is good news, if only because, as the wise say, "every time a dreamer realizes his dream, other dreamers should celebrate it".