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Patrick Bourgoin

Saxophonist - Flautist

  • Impossible is not French!

    This maxim adapts perfectly to PRODIPE which systematically goes forward by having the know-how, but especially the means of its ambitions, and to the adventure that I was able to live by participating in the development of the new microphones of the Series 21, in particular the SB21 Lanen.

    PRODIPE and its «Research and Development» team have set themselves a goal: to create a proximity microphone to be fixed on instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, trombone but also different percussion, for a price four times cheaper than the best references of the genre. Successful bet!!

    Thanks to the cell, the soul of this microphone, which can handle 140dB, musicians can now count on an exceptional sound restitution. Then why pay more?

    The evidence does not wait for time. And it is not over! Now my microphone is PRODIPE!



Patrick Bourgoin participated in numerous recordings and accompanied on the largest scenes internationnal of famous artists among which Supertramp, Ray Charles, Elton John, Duran Duran, and of course Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell, Michel Berger, Daniel Balavoine, Francis Cabrel and many others...

Live and recording: 
Starmania, J. Migènes, the Four Tops, Elton John, Supertramp, G. Vanelli, M. Dibango and M. Farmer. - The first 'Les Enfoirés' concert and others, Victoires de la Musique, W. Sheller, M. Lavoine, R. Charles, M. Berger, F. Gall, D. Balavoine, J. Hallyday, C. François, M. Brant, A. Chamfort, E. Mitchell, M. Sardou, C. Lara, M. Jonasz, Y. Noah, V. Paradis, M. Delpech, M. Makeba, P. Ester, Zoo, the Innocents, G. Reno, L. Chédid, L. Foly, J. Clerc, Enzo Enzo, F. Feldman, Duran Duran, J.J. Goldman, P. Kaas, A. Red, V. Sanson, V. Lazlo, J. Mas, A. Souchon, L. Voulzy, Nicoletta, H.F. Thiéfaine, N. Sirkis d'Indochine, Y. Simon, J.P. Capdevielle, T. Fersen, F. Cabrel, R. Gotainer, M. Mathieu, Sheila, R. Laurens, N. Mouskouri, T. Hazard, N. Workman, Trust, C. Aznavour, G. Bécaud, H. Salvador, G. Blanc, A. Barrière, G. Blanchard, Chagrin d'Amour, H. Léonard, Antoine, D. Rivers, M. Fugain, G. Montagné. S. Distel, Françoise Hardy, B. Lavilliers, S. Vartan, Garou, P. Bruel, H. Ségara, Maurane and many more. Has worked with numerous arrangers: J.C. Petit, G. Yared, B. Coulais, C. Gaubert, P. Sarde, R. Donnez, Yvan Jullien, H. Roy and M. Bernholc.

In 1987, nominated as best studio musician.

Since 1990, has worked directly with the Selmer Saxophone Company as a consultant and prototype tester.

Movie soundtracks: Betty Blue, My New Partner, 8 Women, I Love You All and Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ

Credits for TV programmes and series: Nestor Burma, Joséphine Ange Gardien and Champs Elysées.

Adverts: dozens.