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Michel Deshays


  • I first learned about Prodipe when I was working with Claude Salmiéri.

    Ever since then I'm always using at least one of their products on stage or in the studio. My home studio includes the superb Pro 8 monitors and an STC-3D MK2 mic for vocals.

    On stage I've opted for an authentic acoustic guitar sound with the Prodipe A1 mic. Quality like that on a tight budget is definitely going to up the creativity levels

  • I always have my IEM3 system with me, whether I'm in the studio or on the move.

    The carry case stops them falling out of my pocket! They don't budge once they're in my ears and the quality is breathtaking. No distortion whatsoever!


Five albums and numerous collaborations as a writer and composer: Michael Jones, Beverly Jo Scott, David Koven, Pierre Vassiliu, Eva Marchal and ELA.

He has put James Taylor songs into French and produced albums for young pop artists so that he can keep his ear to the ground of new music.

A stage and studio career alongside top musicians (Claude Salmiéri, Denys Lable, etc.).