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Paul Spade

Composer - Producer - Guitarist

  • Testing PRODIPE means adopting it!

    For the choice of my material, I always go to the essentials and only look for the quality of the sound. I discovered and adopted the STC-3D MK2 that I can only advise as much for its finesse as for its warmth and neutrality.

    I also chose the speakers and the result is irreproachable. I discovered an impressive stereo image that allowed me to rediscover my productions from a new angle!! 

    Thanks to Ludovic Lanen for putting his immense talent at the service of PRODIPE and thanks to PRODIPE for this concept: professional quality accessible to all!!


Producer, director and musician, Paul Spade is also the guitarist of the band Kerozen.

KEROZEN are a French rock group whose lyrics are in English. Their music is defined by a keen sense of melody and the raw power of modern rock. They are fans of Guns'n'Roses and Aerosmith, also more recent bands like Nickelback, Foo Fighters and Airbourne. The group has forged a strong musical identity, and are now considered to be THE French rock revelation.

The group was founded by singer/songwriter, Nicolas Blaizeau, and producer/composer/guitarist, Spade. In the summer of 2012, they put together their first track: Whitejack. After finishing the recording, they produced a black and white video to accompany the song.

In the video we see the band performing as if they were live on stage. Whitejack is the perfect vehicle for Spade's distinctive guitar sound and Nicolas Blaizeau's stonking vocals. The clip was an instant success, first on social networks, then on YouTube, with 17,000 views. Since then the group have received offers from various labels (GDW/BackUp Records/M&O/London). Their debut single was played on FM radio stations and internet radio all over Europe.

After getting such a positive reaction, the two performers followed their gut instinct and made their first full album. The rest of the band came on board just before the final recording of the album: Tib' on bass guitar, Stef on rhythm guitar and Seb on the drums. Talented musicians, and all with an electrifying stage presence.