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Marko Balland


  • We went on tour with my friend Ronan Onemanband and on this tour we have sounded our stuff (our guitars acoustic, our amps, harmonica clear sound, vocals, our bass drum and our snare drum) on two speakers PRODIPE NATURAL 6 (140w) I also played on a microphone SAINT LOUIS PRODIPE.

    The result is fantastic, the sound of two speakers that still cash 6 instruments with a very good quality and a microphone harmonica that restores the clean sound .. thank PRODIPE for the quality of your products, Ronan and I thank you for your confidence...

    This prices are crazy!


Between blues and metal, Marko Balland is undoubtedly the most rock harmonica player of his generation !!

As a blues harmonicist, Marko went to the US in 1985 to rub shoulders with the most significant musicians of the blues world. Upon returning to Paris, he set up his first blues group, Golden Blues Band, where he scorched the halls of France with his unique, blazing style. He played with several bluesmen in Paris, notably Marwa Right in "Blue Suburbs"!

Having discovered rock through Jimi Hendrix, Marko Balland released an album in tribute to Jimi under the name Marko A Donf'experience.

He contributes to several studio sessions for well-known albums!

Takes part in the creation of the recording studios Le Chantier in Montreuil (Paris)

2010: Release of a double single with titles: "Pas Touche” and “Le Ciel Va..”. and realase of Marko Balland’s First album “Mille et Un Reveil.

2012 - 2013: The release of Marko Balland's second album Dentelles Hurlantes (translated Howling Lace) truly affirms the scope and style of this harmonicist/singer. Between blues and metal, Marko Balland is undoubtedly, no question, the most rock oriented harmonica man of his generation!! The powerful sound of his guitar-like harmonica style vascillates between Jimi Hendrix and Reeves Gabrels. The lyrics of Boris Bergman (Baschung) make his music a beautiful French homage while keeping the musicality of the Rock n'Roll of France. And finally, The Marseillais Trio with their big guitar sounds and bigger rhythms definitively melds the metal rock sound of this record with the once again stellar collaboration of Boris Bergman (lyrics) and drummer Stéphane Avellaneda (Ana Popovic) on the song “Pas Touche”.

Early 2012:

  • Release of the album Dentelles Hurlantes (Howling Lace) recorded and videoed partly at Studio Le Chantier in Paris and Freaky Dog Studio in Marseille.
  • Release of remastered Tribute to Jimmy Hendrix.
  • He starts recording his first all blues album with Ana Popovic's musicians and records the debut singles “Lazy” and “Far Away From Love”.


2014: Marko joins Hat Man Session, with Nasser Ben Dadoo (Guitar/vocals), Mattieu Tomy (Double Bass) Alexis Voisin (Drums)

2015: Recording of "Dog n Wolf", Winner at Blues sur Seine in 2015

2016: Registration of EPK Long way Home and Recording on the album The White Rattlesnake

2017: Joins Sanseverino

2019: Joins Ronan One Man Band for the Tour in Europe and records their first album.

2019: Co-founds blues group Thunder Rising with Jerome Cornelius (guitar), Karim Bouazza (drums), Pascal Blanc (bass) and Didier Mouret (organ)