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Fabien Colella

Composer - Sound engineer

  • I am amazed by the R.S.L!

    To make my acoustic piano recordings I had always had the habit of placing different pairs of Germanic microphones, but when I heard the rendering of the R.S.L, I was amazed!

    All the qualities of a ribbon microphone are found in this microphone: the natural capture of harmonic subtleties, precision, velvety and total respect for timbres thanks to an almost linear response curve, and in addition, all in stereo!

    I now prefer the R.S.L for my recordings of acoustic instruments, but also in ambience for a drums or a guitar amp.

    I am convinced that in its category, given its super attractive price and its qualities, this microphone will become essential and meet the expectations of many musicians and studios.


Fabien Colella is an audiovisual and theater composer, and sound engineer.

Audiovisual composer,
with more than 500 titles produced and produced for major music bookstore publishers (Universal Music, Koka Média, Encore Merci, Warner Chapell, CDM, Ax's Music), his music is used regularly for TV fictions, national and foreign broadcasts and documentaries; without forgetting TV ads, radio and TV covers and generic (Radio France, radio Nostalgie, Canal +, France 2).

Composer for the theater, he writes original music for many pieces, including pieces by Jacques Rampal, author awarded at the Molières.

A sound engineer, he collaborates both in the studio and live with artists and musicians as different as: Jean-Jacques Goldman, Francis Cabrel, Luc Plamandon, Romano Musumara, Vladimir Cosma, Janick Top, Serge Perathoner, E. Le Lann, Damien Schmitt, L. Loueke, Eva Marchal, Claude Salmiéri ...