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Olivier Bouisse

Double bassist

  • With Prodipe's brand new BL21 double bass mic, the sound of my double bass is rendered as acoustically as possible, both with the bow and pizzicato.

    The mic is so easy to attach, and I have complete freedom of movement when I play, either live or in the studio.

    It strikes me that plenty of my fellow double bassists should use the BL21 - it's excellent value for money.

    When it's connected to Prodipe's CAB100 or 200 speakers, the amplification is close to HiFi quality, the sound is sufficiently powerful and the system adapts to any context.


Lots of jazz experience and influences playing with the Pacific Jazz Quartet (tribute to Gerry Mulligan), duos, trios (Up-Close with Lizzie Gayle), but also theatrical improvisation, music from the Balkans with Air d'Est and Diva Roza, and a coming together with the cellist, Matthieu Fontana, who created the Ebène quartet and founded Cordes et Âmes, an independent music label. His two current projects are Air d'Est, a trio, and Bellevue Swing, a quartet which showcases French swing.

Today's musical influences revolve around Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, Charlie Haden, Marc Johnson, Renaud Garcia Fons, Avihaï Cohen and many more.