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Olivier Bouisse

Double bassist

  • The Prodipe BL21 double bass microphone allows me to hear the sound of my bass in the most acoustic way possible, both at the bow and in pizzicato.

    Easy to install, it offers free use of any movement both live and in the studio.

    Many bassists should turn to this product, presenting an amazing value for money.

    Ideally coupled with the NATURAL 6 Cherrywood for an amplification solution close to Hi-Fi, adaptable in all places and powerful enough!


Jazz double bassist, his influences connect, Scott LaFaro, Marc Johnson, Bruno Chevillon, and then Vincent Pasquier, Charlie Haden, Ray Brown, Paul Chambers...

Self-taught for the first years, he joined charlie Free's jazz workshops in 2000, led by jazz bassist Hubert Rousselet, and these were the beginnings of an understanding of the instrument.

But "technical" learning is beginning to be felt, the double bass does not forgive much both on accuracy and on physical investment.

Heading to the Conservatory of Aubagne, a "classical training" begins with Jean Bernard Rière, a master in the noble sense of the word, the one who teaches you confidence and tells you that working methodwise nothing is impossible.

And it is the discovery of another double bass that begins, a world of timbre, shades of rubbed strings, an ifinity of possibilities in the sound material.

Since then, in jazz with the Pacific Jazz Quartet in tribute to Gerry Mulligan, who will be featured at the antibe-Juan les Pins (off) festivals, Ramatuelle, Souillac en Jazz, duets, trios (Up-Close with Lizzie Gayle), but also improvisation in the theatre, and Balkan music with Air d'Est and Diva Roza.

In 2013, following the first recording of the trio Air d'Est, he met cellist Matthieu Fontana, creator of the Ebony quartet among others and founder of the independent music label "Strings and Souls".

This is followed by the catalogue of two current projects, Air d'Est and Bellevue Swing, which revisits french swing in quartet with Clarinette,
Today, influences connect, Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, Charlie Haden, Marc Johnson, Renaud Garcia Fons, Avihaï Cohen and many others.